Trained outsourcing sales lead generation services can be very effective in bringing in new sales leads through telemarketing. The best outsourcing services are those that understand how to generate leads that are most likely to convert into paying customers. This understanding comes from years of experience in the field and from working with a variety of businesses. When you outsource your sales lead generation to such a service, you can be confident that your telemarketers are working to bring in high-quality leads that have a high potential for becoming paying customers. In addition, the best outsourcing services will also work with you to customize a lead generation campaign that fits your specific business needs. By outsourcing your sales lead generation, you can focus on other aspects of your business while still getting the most out of your telemarketing efforts.

Sales leads generation is the lifeline of any sales team. Sales teams need a consistent flow of leads to ensure they are able to ensure continued growth of the company. Having a dedicated call center team generating leads for your sales team will empower your sales team to close more deals. Your salaried sales team can now focus on closing leads as opposed to generating leads. Hamedia Call Centers guarantees that all leads forwarded to your team are quality leads from potential clients looking for your service. All leads are contacted, verified, and qualified by our team members per the specs provided by our clients.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Sales Lead Generation Services

We have been providing telephone lead generation services for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and covering a wide variety of industries. Our prices are competitive, and our customers always come away happy with the inbound leads we generate. All in all, when you work with Hamedia, you get quality assurance and enjoy the following benefits:

verified &pre-screened leads

Direct Warm Transfers To Your Team

real time forwarding of quality leads

increased sale volume

lower cost of sale

Appointment setting for your team

CRM intergation

increser brand awarness

reilable data about your prouspects

lead formation

data driven result

effective followup

Hamedia Call Centers have been providing quality telephone lead generation services to a wide variety of industries.   We understand that at the end of the day we must deliver value to our clients.  Our teams are dedicated to feeding your sales team with quality leads that brings value beyond our client’s expectations  Here are the benefits that our clients receive once they start service with us:

  •  Verified pre-screened leads of customers looking to buy your product or service
  •  Warm transfers to your sales team directly
  •  Quality leads forward to your team in real time
  •  Appointment setting for your sales team members
  •  Increased sales volume
  •  Lower cost of sale
  •  Increased awareness of brand
  •  Reliable data about your prospects (Name, Email address, next bidding opportunity Etc)
  •  Future Opportunity / Lead formation
  •  Effective follow up
  •  All team members work on our CRM or can be integrated into our client’s CRM
  •  Data driven results

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