Operational Support

A strong outsourcing company can help firms in the security guard services industry by providing a variety of services that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Some of the key ways that an outsourcing company can help in this industry include:

Phone Answering & Routing: Our operational support staff are trained to answer your business calls 24 hours a day.  Our team tries to resolve each phone call per their training and they will route callers to the appropriate individual in your firm for issues that need escalation.

Staffing Solutions: Our Operational support staff can streamline and simplify your staffing needs. This can include recruiting, hiring, and training security guards, as well as managing scheduling and payroll.

Monitoring & Oversight: Our operational support staff are familiar and trained in all security management and oversight software.  Our team members can provide training for these platforms, design patrol routes, monitor the guards performance, and intervene if a guard’s reports are not on par with the expectations of the client’s.

Accurate Reporting: Our teams can develop overnight reports on all clients, guards, and activities to ensure your team has all the information and resources they need to effectively run your operations.

Compliance and Regulations: An outsourcing company can help companies in the security guard services industry stay compliant with state and federal regulations. This can include ensuring that security guards are properly licensed and trained, and that the company is in compliance with OSHA and other relevant regulations.

Cost savings: Outsourcing security service can also help companies to save costs in the long run. An outsourcing company can help businesses reduce the costs of employee benefits, training, and equipment.

Overall, an outsourcing company can provide a wide range of services that can help companies in the security guard services industry improve their operations and protect their assets. By outsourcing certain tasks and responsibilities, companies can focus on their core business and achieve a competitive edge.

Sales Lead Generation

Hamedia’s telemarketing teams can help your sales team by handling the initial contact and qualification of leads, freeing up the sales team to focus on closing deals with more qualified prospects. The telemarketing team can also help to identify new sales opportunities and gather information about potential customers that can be used to target sales efforts more effectively. Additionally, Hamedia’s telemarketing team can handle high-volume calling and follow-up, which can help to increase the overall productivity of the sales team.

Our Telemarketing leads are:


verified &pre-screened leads


Direct Warm Transfers To Your Team

real time forwarding of quality leads

increased sale volume

lower cost of sale

Appointment setting for your team

CRM intergation

increser brand awarness

reilable data about your prouspects

lead formation

data driven result

effective followup

Hamedia Call Centers have been providing quality telephone lead generation services to a wide variety of industries.   We understand that at the end of the day we must deliver value to our clients.  Our teams are dedicated to feeding your sales team with quality leads that brings value beyond our client’s expectations  Here are the benefits that our clients receive once they start service with us:

Video Monitoring

Hamedia takes a proactive approach with video monitoring and surveillance. Our highly trained staff monitor key areas of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen. We don’t wait for alarms. We watch for and evaluate suspicious activity in real time. Our trained operators activate speakers at unwanted trespassers who typically go running off your property, since they are unaware they are being watched! We call police with live reports on criminals often before they break in or do damage.

Dependable and effective professional video monitoring services are invaluable to any security system. These systems are built in to provide oversight of your environment, giving you peace of mind that your property is being watched over 24/7. With the added layer of protection from professional video monitoring services, anyone can rest assured knowing their safety and security is guaranteed.

Recruitment & Hiring

As the demand for security guard services continues to increase, the process of recruiting and hiring quality guards has become more challenging than ever before. The process can be time-consuming, expensive, and ultimately lead to hiring the wrong candidates. That’s why I am writing to you today to offer you a solution that can save you time, money, and headaches: outsourcing your recruitment and hiring process to our team.
At Hamedia we have a team of highly experienced professionals who specialize in finding the best candidates for security guard positions. We use a combination of traditional recruiting methods and innovative tools to identify and attract top talent in the industry.

By outsourcing your recruitment and hiring process to us, you can enjoy the following benefits:
Save Time
Our team handles the entire recruitment and hiring process, from sourcing candidates to conducting background checks and interviews. This frees up your time to focus on your core business activities.
Get The Best Candidates
Our team has a deep understanding of the security guard industry and knows what it takes to find the best candidates. We use a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the most qualified and experienced candidates are selected for your positions.
Reduce Costs
Outsourcing your recruitment and hiring process can save you money on advertising, screening, and training costs. Our team uses the most cost-effective methods to attract and assess candidates, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.
Improve Retention Rates
By hiring the right candidates, you can improve your retention rates and reduce turnover. This can save you money on recruitment and training costs in the long run.

Access Government & Large Organization RFP’s

Bidding on large government RFPs can offer numerous benefits to Security Service Providers, including revenue generation, visibility and credibility, competitive advantage, diversification, innovation, and collaborative opportunities. However, participating in the RFP process can be highly competitive and time-consuming, so businesses must carefully evaluate each opportunity and determine whether it aligns with their capabilities and strategic objectives.
For a nominal fee, Hamedia will email you Security Service RFP’s on a weekly basis.

Generating Custom Responses to RFP’s

Responding to a request for proposal (RFP) can be a stressful and intimidating process for business owners who are unfamiliar with bidding legalities. Despite the complex system that must be executed flawlessly to win a contract, companies who manage to win, in effect, are able to organically grow their businesses.
A challenge companies face when responding to an RFP, RFQ or RFI is the entire bid creation process. Content creation, pricing research and assistance, technical writing, editing, graphic design and content retention are all necessary tasks requiring substantial time and resources. Additonally, limitations and strict deadlines that define particular checkpoints within the bidding process, for example, create substantial obstacles for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t specialize in proposal management.
Ultimately, businesses that are foreign to RFP bidding processes have a higher likelihood of submitting a winning bid if they opt to outsource the work to a team of bidding specialists.

RFPs can be complex and time-consuming to respond to, and often
require specialized expertise in different areas such as legal,
technical, and financial aspects. Outsourcing RFP responses to a
third-party provider can bring in additional expertise that the security
service provider may not have in-house. This can help to ensure that
the RFP response is comprehensive, accurate, and effective.
Responding to RFPs can be a time-consuming process, especially
for small to medium-sized security service providers. Outsourcing
the RFP response can help to streamline the process and free up
the security service provider’s resources to focus on other aspects of
their business.
Outsourcing RFP responses can offer flexibility to security service
providers, as they can scale their response capabilities up or down
depending on the volume of RFPs they receive. This can help to
avoid overburdening internal resources during peak periods.
Outsourcing RFP responses can be cost-effective for security
service providers. Rather than hiring and training additional
staff to respond to RFPs, they can outsource the task to a third-
party provider who already has the necessary expertise and
infrastructure in place.
Competitive Advantage
Outsourcing RFP responses to a third-party provider can
provide a competitive advantage for security service providers.
Third-party providers often have experience responding to
RFPs and can help to craft more compelling and persuasive
responses that stand out from competitors.

Increased Win Rates

Outsourcing RFP responses can increase a security service provider’s win rate. Third-party providers have experience with the RFP process and can help to ensure that the response meets all the requirements and is presented in a way that is easy for the client to evaluate and understand.

In summary, outsourcing RFP responses can be beneficial to a security service provider by providing expertise, efficiency, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, competitive advantage, and increased win rates. By outsourcing RFP responses to a company like Hamedia, security service providers can improve their chances of winning contracts and free up internal resources to focus on other areas of their business.

Customized Security Guard Training Program

Hamedia offers a turnkey security training program branded for your organization. Our training videos focus on a wide range of security topics and are designed to be highly engaging.

A fully digital security training program offers numerous benefits, including:
Digital security training programs can be easily scaled to meet the needs of large organizations, regardless of their size or geographic location. This makes it easier to train employees across different departments, regions, and time zones.
Compared to traditional in-person training programs,digital security training programs can be more cost-effective. This is because they do not require travel or accommodation expenses,and can be conducted using existing infrastructure and resources.
Digital security training programs are accessible to all employees regardless of their physical location. This means that employees who work remotely or in different time zones can access the training program at their own convenience.
Digital security training programs can be customized to meet the needs of individual employees. This allows employees to focus on the areas of security that are most relevant to their job roles and responsibilities.
Afully digital security training program ensures that all employees receive the same level of training. This can help to ensure consistency in the organization’s security policies and procedures.
Digital security training programs can provide detailed analytics on employee engagement, retention, and performance. This can help organizations to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about their security training program.

Search Engine Optimization

3 out of 4 consumers use search engines on a daily basis to find services and products and 91 percent of search engine traffic does not go beyond the first page of search results. That means if your website is not landing on the first page of a search you are losing out on potential customers. Our Search Engine Optimization Experts understand the importance of getting your website on the first page but our work does not end there. Our amazing team of certified and experienced Search Engine Optimization Experts are here to take care of all your SEO needs.

Certified and Experienced Search Engine Optimization Experts

Hamedia provides extensive SEO services so you can focus on running your company. We will make sure your website is visible and driving leads to your site using organic and trustworthy techniques.

Hamedia Offers:
  • Customized services tailored for your company’s goals and needs based on your brand, audience and market
  • Keyword research and thorough competition analysis
  • Amazing and actionable content with the a balance of length and infographics
  • Content promotion and link-building
  • Cleanup of technical SEO issues
  • On page optimization using LSI Keywords
  • Boost organic Click Thru Rate by analyzing competitors and keyword ads
  • Improved dwell time
  • Improved loading speed
  • Topping competitor content

Social Media Management

Social media is now the top internet activity. Digital Media is everywhere and consumers can access information whenever, wherever, however and competition can be fierce. If your goal is to attract new customers and stay connected with existing customers, you need to utilize the power of Social Media for your company. Managing social media, taking care of all content, tweets and feedback can get time consuming. Let Hamedia let you focus on your company and let our Social Media Management Experts take care of your Social Media needs.
Hamedia will create consistent, coordinated, customer experience. Our Social Media communication will be highly targeted and our customized campaigns will be highly choreographed across all channels to reach the right customers at the right time.

Hamedia Social Media Management can use Social Media to:
  • Announce your products and services
  • Get instant feedback from customers
  • Announce offers, sales, contests and events
  • Allow your company to showcase your brand by creating brand awareness, relationship building and driving new sales
  • Develop a loyal community- your company will establish an emotional connection between your company and your prospects which is essential for success.
  • Improve Customer Service: Hamedia Social Media Management Experts will create a great feedback source that will enable your customers to communicate with your company and each other to increase brand trustworthiness.
  • Increase Digital Exposure- Interacting in social networks can significantly increase your online presence and this will lead to massive exposure due to world wide access.
  • Boost Traffic and Search Engine Rating- Social Media Management is a major lead generator that constantly brings high volume traffic towards your company sites
  • Expand Sales & reach new audience – Listening to prospects can help you respond to your customers’ needs
  • Cut Marketing Costs- Social Media is affordable

Email Marketing

Strategy & Implementation

One of the most important aspects of any business is marketing, and email marketing is a critical part of any successful marketing strategy. However, email marketing can be time-consuming and tricky to get right. That’s where outsourcing email marketing services can be a big help. When you outsource email marketing, you’re essentially hiring a dedicated team to handle all aspects of your email marketing campaign. This team will work with you to develop an email marketing strategy that meets your needs and then they’ll take care of all the details, from designing beautiful emails to setting up automated campaigns. Plus, they’ll guarantee that your campaigns get sent on time and that you get the results you’re looking for. And because they’re on a dedicated schedule, you can be sure that your email marketing will always be a top priority. So if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to make sure your email marketing gets done, consider outsourcing to a dedicated team.

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