Lead Generation

Improve the quality of your sales leads by building a team of lead gen experts who contact your target market, identify the likely customers and build detailed databases for your sales efforts.


Boost your sales efforts with proactive phone based sales campaigns. Cloudstaff telesales experts offer new products, upgrades to existing customers, amd handle customer data within all required standards and regulations.

Renewals services

Build teams of contract renewal specialists with cloudstaff to ensure that no service revenue is left on the table for your business. From IT support contracts to personal membership renewals, your dedicated team works to your specifications and provides personalized service to your existing client base. You’ve worked hard to find your clients. Cloudstaff’s renewal experts work hard to keep them.

Market Research

Partnering with cloudstaff is an affordable way to build data profiles of your target markets. Stay ahead of the competition and learn about emerging trends and consumer habits before you make strategic decisions.

Follow-up Clients

The sales cycle shouldn’t end once you receive payment. Follow up services allow you to improve your service and product through customer feedback while providing customers with additional offerings and promotions.

Reminder Services

Make no-shows and late payments things of the past. Whether you need payment collection reminders, appointment reminders, or service interval reminders, Cloudstaff’s call agents have got you covered.

Data Verification

Keep your database up to date and accurate with Cloudstaff’s data verification services. Our personable call agents contact your customer to maintain accurate records, optimize operational efficiencies, and provide systematic management of your business data.

Debt Collection

Don’t miss out on payments that you have worked hard to earn. Cloudstaff’s debt collection agents increase your received payments, track down customers, update their information, and offer debt restructuring options when needed

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