Customer service is the backbone of any business, it is vital to building a loyal customer base and promotes company growth. Customers will invest more with brands that provide great customer service. Your website runs 24/7 but does your customer support?

Cloudstaff can provide teams of live chat agents that will help increase your customer satisfaction levels and improve your customer retention. Customers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

Live chat is easy, convenient and instant.

Live chat connects customers instantly with an agent, there is no waiting on hold or lengthy email conversations.

Live chat saves money

Live chat maximizes productivity and increases sales. Businesses are always striving to be more competitive. Live chat is not only great for the customer experience, but it is also much cheaper to implement than phone or email support. Live chat support increases sales and contributes to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Real people not bots

We engage your audience with real people, not bots. We can tell when they are frustrated or anxious and can adjust the conversation to meet their needs.

Available 24/7

We staff your live website chat 24 hours a day so that your staff don’t have to. Your onshore staff can focus on tasks that drive your business growth.

Convert leads

Real conversations with real people will help to convert your prospects to leads and your leads to customers.

Customer experience

Offer an amazing user experience by answering your website queries now when it matters to your prospects and customers.

Great for sites offering technical assistance

Our agents can perform basic level one diagnosis. They can log escalation tickets and kick off the customer care processes for your team.

Great for product trials

We can help to qualify your leads in real-time and help convert the people trialing your products into full-paying clients.

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