Human Resources (HR) Manager

Candidate must have at least 3 YEARS practice in HR employee relations and must be willing to do EVENING WORK.



  • Ensure efficient maintenance, safekeeping and completeness of employee 201 files.
  • Ensure assistance is provided when necessary to the whole Recruitment Process (Candidate Screening, Evaluation, Recommendation, Hiring, Orientation, etc.) whenever deemed necessary.
  • Coordinate Manpower Hiring, Resignation, Movements and Appraisals to all parties concerned.
  • Ensure that internal and external inquiries are addressed and attended to by adjuncts/specialists
  • Prepare, assist and coordinate for internal and external hiring process. 


  • Responsible for ensuring efficient maintenance of the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) databank in terms of hiring, resignations, movements and appraisals.
  • Tasked to develop and consolidate HR expense reports.
  • Responsible for generating and analyzing HR-related reports such as Attrition, cases, et.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Ensures efficient implementation of compensation and benefits packages.
  • Supports Finance in attending to issues and concerns raised regarding payroll, increases, deductions, etc.
  • Participates in compensation and benefits reviews to ensure that the company is at par with the industry trend.
  • Ensures efficient administration of company benefits.
  • Supervises/ Coordinates with the Timekeeper in timekeeping function and in meeting set deadline for payroll cut-offs/Employee Relations/Engagement 

Participates and implements, if necessary, all HR championed activities. 

  • Ensures consistent and prompt feedback to employees of any concerns with regards to HR
  • Ensures smooth coordination between the members of the Human Resources Team to promote communication and efficiency.
  • Responsible for being present and available to attend to any employee who is in need of a person to talk to.
  • Responsible for handling grievances and other employee concerns that is posted to HRs attention.
  • Gather facts, reviews Citations and Disciplinary Actions and make recommendations
  • Responsible for preparing monthly attrition report and analysis.
  • Responsible for conducting exit interview on 90% of Voluntary Attrition.
  • Supports Operations and other departments in Labor Relations issues. 


  • Tasked to participate, administer and/or assist in employee trainings and organizational development programs (Teambuilding Sessions, Strategic Planning Sessions, etc.)
  • Ensures involvement before, during and after any HR rolled-out training session.
  • Tasked to formulate any training program whenever deemed necessary.
  • Develops and conducts HR-related training courses
  • Trains and develops HR adjuncts into HR Generalists.

Shift-specific Responsibilities 

  • Ensures the smooth transition of all HR concerns from one shift to the other.
  • Ensures efficient communication between the Human Resources Team in charge of the shift and all internal leaders such as the team leaders, operations and admin managers.
  • Responsible for accomplishing requests posted by employees under that particular shift.
  • Ensures prompt dissemination of information regarding changes and updates to all parties concerned in each particular shift.
  • Responsible for ensuring that HR sends out prompt and efficient feedback regarding matters that are brought up to HRs attention.
  • Ensures coordination between shift managers, team leaders, agents and other internal customers when Information technology comes to all manpower concerns.
  • Prepares Attrition Report
  • Analyzes attrition and absenteeism trending and reports
  • Provides suggestions and recommends action plans to the attrition and absenteeism analysis.
  • Conducts exit interviews 


  • Able to work well with members of the division to be able to initiate and promote process improvement.
  • Able to have great attention to details.
  • Able to address issues and concerns related to Human Resources and/or operations of the company.
  • Able to work with co-workers and management and support groups to improve communication, training and information.
  • Able to help strategically position HRs function in the organization. 
  • Able to contribute his perspective in manpower forecasting and planning.
  • Able to gain better knowledge of HR processes and services.
  • Able to build trust, think reasonably and share responsibilities among the Human Resources Team and customers alike.
  • Able to deal with confidential information/documents with integrity and care 


  • Ample knowledge in all facets of Human Resources
  • Have had work practice in the field of HR.
  • Strong verbal and written Communication expertise.
  • Strong Organizational expertise.
  • Strong Time and Project Management expertise.
  • Proficient in computer applications. (MS located applications; Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)
Job Category: Human Resources
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Cavite General Trias Philippines

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